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With a wealth of experience gained from working in the super yacht industry and with maintaining and running smaller boats in the 30-70ft range, we proudly introduce Cornwall Yacht Services. Based in Falmouth, we offer a comprehensive range of services across Cornwall designed to keep your vessel in pristine condition.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch general maintenance services, ensuring your yacht performs at its best. From routine inspections to repairs and troubleshooting, we have the expertise to handle all your maintenance needs. We can reach you whether you are on the hard or on a mooring with no call out fee.


From varnish and polishing to teak restoration and antifouling, we cover all aspects of yacht maintenance. Trust Cornwall Yacht Services to keep your yacht in pristine condition, so you can focus on enjoying the open waters.


Providing Everything You Need


Varnishing & Painting

We provide application of paints including awl grip products from metal and fiberglass up. Application os varnish to a super yacht standard.


Wash Downs & Polishing

We offer polishing, varnishing, and wash down services for yachts. We provide meticulous care and remarkable results.



Maintenance & Repair

Comprehensive maintenance and repair services, including engine maintenance, hull repairs, electrical system troubleshooting, and general maintenance.


Deck restoration & Refinishing

We offer teak deck refurbishment, repairs, and apply high-quality finishes. We also offer alternative deck restoration to maintain their aesthetics and durability.

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